DELHI TRANSPORT DEPARTMENT ड्राइवर ,टेक्सी चालक 5000 RS आर्थिक सहयता के लिए जल्द करें आवेदन


Delhi transport Department
Applications for फाइनेंसियल Assistance of Rs.5000 to PSV badge holders of Para-Transit Vehicles

सभी पब्लिक सेवा चालको से आह्वान है की सोमवार 13 अप्रैल से सभी ऑटो, ई-रिक्शा, टैक्सी और ग्रामीण सेवा चालक इस 5000 /- राशि को पाने के लिए अपना आवेदन दे सकते हैं।

Important Details

Financial Assistance to the holders of Public Service Vehicle Badge and valid driver’s licence of Para Transit Public Service Vehicles to mitigate the Financial hardship being faced during the lockdown due to Novel Corona Virus (COVID -19)

Instruction for the PSV Badge holders with valid driver’s license of Para Transit Public Service Vehicles

One time Financial Assistance of Rs. 5000/- are going to be provided to the holder of PSV Badge with valid driver’s license of Para Transit Public Service Vehicles.

Financial assistance will be credited in Aadhaar – linked Bank accounts only of the applicants.

An Online application is to be filled by individual holder of PSV badge and valid DL of Para Transit Public Service Vehicles, through online module and following details information is required to be submitted:-

i. Driving License No.

ii. PSV badge No.

iii. Mobile Number.

iv. Date of Birth.

v. Gender

vi. Aadhaar Card Number

An undertaking is to be submitted by the applicant that above information is correct and if any information is found wrong/false at any later stage then F.I.R. will be registered against him under provision of IPC and necessary action are going to be taken accordingly.

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